10 Big Reasons Why Art is Important

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Why Art is Important

Art is important because it’s part of all of us. 

 “I want to touch people with my art. I want them to say ‘he feels deeply, he feels tenderly.’”  Vincent Van Gogh

You see it everywhere you go. Some of it’s not-so-good and sometimes it stops you in your tracks. 

But creativity and the act of making art are more important to our planet than you think. 

Can you imagine a world without art? 

It’s horrifying. 

Sure, earth has many beautiful wonders and mother nature produces some stunning artwork. But there’s something about the individuality of humans and our creative minds. 

Art is everywhere we go, and we must continue to cultivate creativity in our communities to ensure that it stays alive.  

If you’re wondering why you should even care. 

Here are 10 reasons why art is important to our world and why you should never stop being creative.

1. It’s natural human behavior

Art is important because it’s no different than why you need food to live, why we laugh, or why it feels so good to be loved.

It’s part of us. 

Humans have been creating since the beginning of time. 

Whether it was using berries for paint, wood for carving, humans have always had a natural affinity to being creative and making art. 

It’s in our DNA and it’s something we know from the day we’re born. Give a child a crayon and paper and watch them light up

But not every career path endorses the arts, so it can be tough to stay creative as you grow up. But taking on a hobby is a great way to maintain that artistic fire that burns inside of you. 

And since creativity is a natural human behavior, you should never stop doing it! 

2. It’s a language

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Art speaks its own language whether its a painting, sculpture, dance routine or your favorite song. Art is able to say things that words sometimes can’t.

It’s an international language that anyone from anywhere can understand and be inspired by

3. Art tells a story

Art is important because it’s a way of documenting and preserving our history.

Historic art tells a story about society and how our cultures were. Giving us insight and different perspectives.  

Today, art is everywhere.

From billboards, street signs and massive murals, they tell stories too. Whether its advertising or purely for appreciation,  creativity is everywhere. 

4. Therapeutic

Art is a great way to calm yourself and decrease stress levels.

If you make regular time in your schedule for creativity, you’ll instantly start to see results in how you feel. 

The therapeutic effects of art are so profound that it’s also used in more serious cases by certified professionals to help people deal with mental illness and other emotional challenges.

“Art therapy integrates psychotherapeutic techniques with the creative process to improve mental health and well-being.” – VeryWellMind 

5. Evoke emotions from people 

Art is important because it has the power to move people and sometimes an entire nation.

Think of films or songs that have gone viral around the world and created either awareness or inspired others to do great things. 

Without the songs you listen to while you exercise or work, you might not be able to accomplish whatever it is you’re working on. 

That’s some powerful stuff. Considering its just music and without it, you can’t get work done!?! But we’ve all been there. 

6. Increases creativity

Art and creativity go hand in hand with one another.

The more you work on your art the more creative you’ll get. 

Also, looking at art and exposing yourself to other creative mediums will inspire more ideas, and have you thinking differently. 

It’s a beautiful cycle. 

7. It makes people happy when they create

As a child, you couldn’t be more content when your mother stationed you somewhere with all the arts and crafts supplies. You were all set for the day! 

And, that feeling is still present among older artists. That’s why they continue to do what they do.

It makes them happy. 

Same goes for people who don’t create art regularly. You just have to make the effort. 

Try attending a paint night, or pottery class. I promise you’ll have the greatest time and want to go back.

8. Vital to human development 

Art is important because creativity is the foundation of a child’s education.

It helps to develop motor skills, eye-hand coordination and has a large impact on their social and emotional growth. 

It also enhances their cognitive development which can have a positive effect on math skills and other related subjects. 

Promote creativity in your child’s life in as many ways as you can. Give them every opportunity possible to be artistic and to sharpen their skills.  

They will thank you later in life.

9. It makes drab places look amazing.

Nothing is more beautiful than when a city or property owner commissions an artist to put their artwork on an area seen by millions.

Art can take to the most unpleasant-looking places and turn it into an awe-inspiring work of creativity. 

Why settle for a boring old brick wall when you could have a mural that gets people talking and coming back again and again.

Which takes me to my last point. 

10. It’s good for the economy

When artists make money from their hard work, it all comes full circle.

They spend more money on art supplies, frequent surrounding places like bars, pubs, restaurants, and events, making it good for the economy, small businesses and more.

Also, when a community is bustling with creativity and has a vibrant art scene filled with attractions, tourists will come from all over to see. 

Artists and creativity are vital to society and should be supported in every way possible. Just stop and think for a second how sad and boring our world would be without creativity. 

Nobody wants that. 


As you can see, art is important to our planet and essential to humans.

No creativity = No Art

Make time in your busy schedule to be creative and enjoy it. Whether it’s baking a cake you saw on social media, attending a pottery class or simply mowing the lawn and making some fancy lines.

Get out there and let your mind have some fun.

Stay creative everyone. 

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